About me

Hi! I’m Lindsey.

If you found me, I’m guessing you’re struggling with parenting a depressed teenager. I feel you, as my son would say. And I see you.

My daughter developed depression when she was 13 years old. I don’t know about you, but it was like I was living in some alternate universe. Invisible, somehow.

Professional help wasn’t helping. I had zero confidence in my ability to parent, and a million questions with unsatisfactory answers. Things like:

  • Is her depression my fault?
  • What constitutes an emergency if your child self-harms?
  • Should I let her take antidepressants?
  • Is a dog really necessary and will it really help?
  • Can I ever be happy if my child is depressed?

I started this site not because I have answers to these questions — believe me, I don’t — but because I am one of the lucky ones. My daughter is alive and relatively well these days. And so, if by sharing my story, I might help another parent feel less alone in their journey, I’m all in.

I am NOT a mental health professional

It’s important you know this. I have zero qualifications when it comes to mental health. My experience is entirely anecdotal and what works for me may not work for you.

I work full-time in marketing and events at The Globe and Mail. In addition to my daughter, I have a son, age 14, a husband of twenty years, and a black lab named Tom.

We now live on a ten-acre farm in Niagara, Ontario wine country as a result of my husband’s work. It sounds idyllic, but my kids, born and bred in mid-town Toronto, hate it, so it’s not always peaceful.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I have a very small head. Like kid-size. I can wear a six-year-old’s hat;
  • I swear like a sailor (in front of my kids) — not my worst parenting mistake — and drink more wine than the doctor recommended amount; and
  • I am obsessed with self-help podcasts–you’ll read a lot about them in the pages of my blog, but I think they’re magic.

If you think that maybe we’d get along, or that my experience might help you or your experience might help me, I hope you’ll keep in touch. Us parents of depressed teens, we need to stick together.