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Depression recovery is not a solo act–you need an MVP

Who is your MVP right now? Who do you turn to when depression starts winning?

Gary Gulman once said of depression recovery, “This is not a solo act.” In a recent New Yorker Interview, he gave his girlfriend Sadé, the coveted title of MVP in his story.

Which got me thinking: Who is my MVP?

Four seasons in, I realize I’ve had a few over the years. People I’ve never met, but who I’ve leaned on to keep my head in the game and my spirits up. And they’re all free agents.

So, if you’re in need of an MVP, you can borrow one of mine. Here’s my all-star list of players.

Depression recovery is not a solo act--you need an MVP
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

#1 John Moe, the host of The Hilarious World of Depression podcast

John Moe, through his amazing podcast The Hilarious World of Depression taught me how to talk about depression with my daughter and others. He and his guests gave me the vocabulary, the questions, and a lot of answers. What’s more, John is the ultimate team player–quick witted, compassionate and reliable. He’s good to have around.

If you are having trouble getting your head around the illness and all its manifestations, John’s your man.

#2 Suzanne Alderson, founder of Parenting Mental Health

Suzanne Alderson is the tireless woman behind Parenting Mental Health, a closed Facebook community of parents with teenagers with mental health challenges of all shapes and sizes. She’s like the team captain–knowledgeable about the game, always encouraging, and always rallying. Her group is international, available 24/7 and offers an incredible amount of lived experience and peer support in a judgement-free environment.

If you’re feeling isolated or like you are breaking, go to Suzanne. She’ll welcome you in with a hug and a cup of tea.

#3 Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School

Brooke Castillo is a competitor. She likes to win and when she’s on your team, you begin to believe that you will win. That there’s no other way.

I came to know Brooke through her Life Coach School Podcast and she’s been the most instrumental in changing the way I think about my circumstances, parenting, myself, and my mind. I wrote about her in this post and credit Brooke with helping me come to terms with guilt.

Brooke is all about tough love. She will challenge you at every turn and annoy the crap out of you, but make you better and stronger in the end. You have to be ready for her or else she’ll eat you alive, so highly recommended you build up your strength before you add Brooke to the team.

That’s it. My three stars. Who are your MVPs? I’d love to know.

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