In the news: Apple introduces tools to limit screen time

In July 2018, Apple introduced tools to monitor and limit screen time as part of the iOS 12 update.

(To be fair, so, too, did Google on their Android P system, but we’re a family of Apple users.)

If you read my ┬ápost on smartphones, you’ll know I struggle with restricting my kids’ screen time. And you’ll know that I believe unchecked smartphone use, and in particular Snapchat, played a role in my daughter’s depression.

Which is why, when a tech company does something that might help us be more mindful of our digital habits, I rejoice. Even if Screen Time is providing Apple with incredible amounts of data about how I, and my kids, spend literally every minute of our days.

If you haven’t heard of Screen Time, or like me are slow to update your phone’s software, here’s the quick and dirty. For a full step by step guide on how to set it all up, check out this article from Tom’s Guide.

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